Sky's First Ride and a Special Announcement! 

Introducing Sky, a three-year-old mare we will ride for the first time today.

This second video shows some of the work we have done before the first ride.  Many hours are invested prior to actually getting on the horses we train.

Watch this third video to see how the ride went.


Watch this last video to recap the first ride as well as an announcement from Claude.

Ready to Go Home 

Ready to Go Home

We have come a long way with this black mare who had never been saddled just about 30 days ago.  She is ready to go back home now and here is where we ended our training with her.



The First Ride 

The First Ride

This post shows how far we have come in about one week's time.  The black horse is able to take a saddle and a bit without a problem.

Although we have saddled him we had yet to ride him for the first time.  We started out with a little groundwork and progressed to the ride.

Training Day 1 

Training young horses and putting tune ups on older horses are a couple of services we offer here at Western Working Horse LLC. In the blog here today we are working with a young two yr old. We will take you thru the steps we use to turn this young gelding into a fine trustworthy horse and prepare him for his future training. Many of the methods you will see demonstrated on this young horse will also be applied to older horses on our Start to Finish program.

Week 1 Day 1

In our first session will will focus on pressure and release techniques and prepare them for their first saddling. We will get him used to ropes on and around his legs. Everything we show this gelding will be preparing him for the next step of training.



When we take the soft rope around his neck and place it all around his legs and over his back we are now preparing him for the side hobbles. 


Allowing the horse to have some time to get used to the new gear is essential.  The horse needs to feel comfortable with a saddle on it's back which can take some time.   The horse was at a point where it would trust us, but it did not respect us.  The respect is something we work on throughout the training period.  Patience is key!