our commitment to practical horsemanship

Western Working Horse LLC is committed to being your full service equine facility. From teaching people and horses to boarding and sales, we provide it all. We would like to be your one stop shop for all things equine. 

It has become evident over the past few years that if I really want to benefit the horses I train, tune up, and sell, then I must also help the owners be successful.  With that being said; we will be focusing more on training horse owners on how to properly care for and ride the horses they own.  By doing this, both the horse and rider will benefit greatly.

We will accomplish this through articles, blogs, and horse forums (clinics as some call them).  We conduct these forums periodically throughout the year.  We are also available to come to your facility.  We look forward to meeting new people and horses as we work together to ensure a safe and happy interaction with our equine partners.

Please contact us and join us individually or as a group, learning together, for the well being of both horses and rider.

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Sky's First Ride and a Special Announcement! 

Introducing Sky, a three-year-old mare we will ride for the first time today.

This second video shows some of the work we have done before the first ride.  Many hours are invested prior to actually getting on the horses we train.

Watch this third video to see how the ride went.


Watch this last video to recap the first ride as well as an announcement from Claude.

Previous events


Horsemanship Forum

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Western Working Horse, 46668 268th, Sioux Falls

$10 as an observer $75 to bring your own horse (needs to be arranged in advance by calling Claude)

Pay at the door.

Events will address a different stage in training each week. We will work through training issues such as turning, stopping, transitions, etc. depending on the direction the horse may take during the forum. There will be no particular schedule until we begin each week unless previously arranged with horse owner.